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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

I am a sucker for certain Janeway scenes.

Possum knows about the Janeway standing up and stalking forward in YOH...

This vid has at least 2 other favs... and its not the butt kicking Janeway... its Mama Janeway.

The "chin raise J/Torres when B'Elanna's in sickbay ("Extreme Risk") and the J/Torres hug (also in sickbay but from "Barge of the dead").

I think someone posted this months ago... but I just found it again and laughed. (Don't tell Be'lanna!)

You know... I may "like" J/J... but I LOVE J/C!

"Not for a second."


Hmmm. "The Men of Star Trek Voyager"

The Women of Star Trek Voyager" They included SESKA!

Voyager women: Any Man of Mine... "LOVED the part about cooking dinner!
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