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Additionally, I think someone did actually find the (possibly incomplete) unused audio files in ME2 for a femShep/Miranda romance and possibly a femShep/Tali one too. No idea if there were an equivalent set of maleShep files though. I think the story behind that was that Bioware initially planned to give players the option for a same sex relationship but someone (probably at EA) got cold feet late in the game and made them pull it. Not surprising given the fuss that a few morons kicked up for ME1's gratuitous use of side-boob and arse cracks. What's probably changed that view may have something to do with DAII allowing Hawk to shag anything that moves and nobody appeared to care this time around.
I seem to recall mention of unused audio in ME1 that had Kaidan/Ashley originally included as same-sex romance options, too, but either that was wrong or they changed their minds. That was before EA, too, so I don't think the exclusion in ME2 was because of EA.
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