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I have absolutely no problems with them introducing same-sex romances, it just seems kind of strange doing it now after they'd refused to do so in the first two games and had given excuses like "Shepard is straight" or "Mass Effect is more of a third person story where you're playing a specific character, rather than a first person game like Dragon Age where you're playing your own character," etc. I'm glad that the people who want same-sex romances for their playthroughs will now have them, it's just the timing that surprises me.
I remember reading somewhere that there may have been a problem with the person who lent his likeness for the default maleShep objecting to his face being used to portray a gay sex scene. No idea if there's anything to that and if it is true he has apparantly changed his mind (possibly after having some money waved under his nose) or the lawyers decided he can't do anything to stop it.

Additionally, I think someone did actually find the (possibly incomplete) unused audio files in ME2 for a femShep/Miranda romance and possibly a femShep/Tali one too. No idea if there were an equivalent set of maleShep files though. I think the story behind that was that Bioware initially planned to give players the option for a same sex relationship but someone (probably at EA) got cold feet late in the game and made them pull it. Not surprising given the fuss that a few morons kicked up for ME1's gratuitous use of side-boob and arse cracks. What's probably changed that view may have something to do with DAII allowing Hawk to shag anything that moves and nobody appeared to care this time around.

While I'm happy the options will be there, I can't say as it'll affect my personal playthroughs. Though I like to think of myself as open minded and comfortable with my sexuality; when I did a playthrough with a femShep and decided she'd have a romance with Jacob...there was something about his romance dialogue that just made my skin crawl. Maybe I'm not as comfortable as I thought or maybe if was the voice actor. Either way, I think romancing a male just isn't too my taste.

...Still, I'm sure at least one of my femSheps would definatly pounce on Tali given the opportunity.

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As I've made mention to, they seem to be appealing to basically the same audience as Bulletstorm ("look how awesome we are!"). It comes off as forced and fake, and highly repugnant. Someone with a less annoying interview style would probably leave a better impression on me.

Now, let me be clear, short of an absolute PR meltdown, they've pretty well already got my money. After the first two games, the bait is so far up my gumline I have little hope of getting off this hook.

But right now my impression is that this game is going to be awful. Maybe as poor an outing as Dragon Age, which is one of my top disappointments. Believe me when I say I hope I'm way off the mark.
I'm having trouble seeing where you're getting this pervasive sense of "repugnance" from. The interview style appears fairly straight-forward to me and that's a pretty strong term to throw around without a clear qualification.

As for the content, I think it's to be expected at this rather early stage for them to stick with baiting people with potential eyecandy, a few cool new features and the general assurance that they'll be improving what worked and won't be making the same mistakes twice. It's just good PR.

Actually, I'm surprised that they're being as specific as they are at this stage, but then I suppose there's less mystery this time around in terms of story as anyone who's played ME 1&2 can make some fairly reasonable guesses as to what's going on.
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