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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Nice songs this year. The Azeri song wasn't my favourite, but I understand why it won. I also liked Serbia, Iceland, Moldova and Denmark. Yes, Moldova wasn't bad if you consider the genre. On the other hand, the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Greece were particularly bad in my view. It seems western countries are becoming the thing that they accuse eastern countries of being: shallow pop circus acts. I had this especially with the UK entry, it was out of tune and the song was just forgettable and unbearable at times. That black guy in the UK's Blue is probably the only black guy in the world who can't sing!

My country the Netherlands again didn't make it to the final. I blame the performance. It was just really bad with horrible styling and chaotic and unorganised choreography. Perhaps we the Dutch should realise that we're not good at this. The Dutch entry was simply blown away by the competition.

Ofcourse a lot of Dutch people are accusing the eastern block again. Personally I don't believe this. In the last 10 years only 4 winners came from the east, and I don't believe Estonia even could be considered as part of the eastern block as a non slavic nation. And ofcourse Azerbaijan definitely ISN'T part of the eastern block because it's an Asian Islamic Turkic speaking nation! This year's top 10 only includes 3 eastern block nations, if you consider Georgia to be part of the Eastern block which is also doubtful.
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