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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

I think this is the worst finale I've ever seen of a show that's ending. A whole lot of Clark doing nothing, stupid angst, and then what, 10 minutes of Superman?And what was up with the Jonathan Kent ghost?, and the whole "remember Smallville, it made you into the person you are" was really lame.

The comic part seven years in the future was ridicilous. Yeah, basically tells the world who Superman is, not like anyone will be able to tie the dots...
And they still are'nt married seven years?, what?, come on.

I'm really glad this stopped showing on tv a couple of years ago, because if I had to watch 10 seasons of this, I would have gone insane. But since it did afterall give us Superman (albeit only for 10 minutes), I'll give it a Kal-El (Below Average), instead of a BIZARRO (Poor)
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