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Re: How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth vs. The Infinite Vulcan

I like both just fine. If you like, chalk it up to the fact that they're cartoons. I have a greater suspension of disbelief.

But I have absolutely no problem with any of the "impossibilities" mentioned above, so long as they're in service of the story, and I even don't mind towering clones; would we have felt any imperative threat from them if they weren't so large? Their size added to their characterization, and hence threat, and created suspense as a result.

I just love how people complain about such supposed problems, while overlooking that FTL travel is impossible. Or that a starship would travel faster than the photons in its own phasers. Or that a sonic disrupter by definition is useless in space. Or that shockwaves cannot be felt in space, sending the crew tumbling. Or-

Sheesh, go along with the story and have some fun, people!
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