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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Hey, what was all the booing about? Our commentators, uh, commented on that.
It was mostly for the famous "neighbour votes",
It happened a lot again, like almost every year
The voting that is, not the booing..I found that bit rude and silly.

I liked this years Eurovision much more than last years
Germany hosted good ESC, with great stage-desing.
The program was fine, though I found the rap-artists lyrics difficult to hear..and maybe it went on a tad bit long.
Otherwise a great finale..and the voting results where most interesting in years
Left a much better taste to my mouth than last years final, though was not horrible either, just weaker to previous years.

I think we saw many talented singers, heard great vocals
and listened good songs this year
(I am happy that I discovered few new talented artists to listen..and career to follow in the future, like Maja from Slovenia, Nina from Serbia and Poli from Bulgaria)

Azerbaijan won, congratulations!!!
I was fine with them winning and honestly liked this much more than last years winner..
( I did not much like Lena this year either, sorry).

Italy being second was the biggest shock of the evening
I did NOT see that coming at all
Personally, I though it was one of the worst songs in the contest..and I rated it 1/5
"You just dont understand Jazz..": said a person to me in a esc-chatroom, when I let my opinion known.
Well, maybe I do not..but IMHO there was much more better songs out there..and singers
Italy must have had tons of jury votes and lost of "Welcome back, Italy" ones.

My favorites did quite well.
Ukraine was nicely 4th and Slovenia I think 13th, shame that they lost to Moldova the 12th place with only one point
Hungary flopped badly, sadly.
I am bit baffled of why Because this was one of the best songs and well performed.
(Australia seemed to like Hungary more then Europe, any thoughts of why is that?)

Baku 2012 is next then..will be interesting
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