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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

Last night I had a Green Seedless Grape Smoothie I made, Microwave Chicken Wings to which I added Mushrooms & Tomatoes & Garlic to before Microwaving. I also cut up and fried some Potatos I had boiled earlier and threw in an Egg, so I had a Fried Egg surrouned by Fried Potatos, almost like Chips/Fries, but not. & Ice Cream, I had Ice Cream too.
I had one of each of the three flavours in my Magners Minis™ Ice Cream package, (half the six you get); after I finished the last of the Cornish Ice Cream which I threw two bananas in, and sort of mixed it up in the tub and had Bananas & Ice Cream... The Ice Cream was more of a Midnight Snack. (@ 5am)

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