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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

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Azerbaijan WIN!!!!

Best win ever!!!

And Eric in 2nd is brilliant as well.

ETA: Or 3rd. Bloody Italy, with their shit song that everyone seems to have voted for to keep them from leaving again.
Funny, cause I thought the Swedish entry was utter shite. Uninspired, unsubtle, poser pop with shallow, stupid lyrics and synthetic 1990's dance background music. Oh, and did I mention the annoying flashy show of stupid dancing, light flashes and general uber dumbness of a ridiculous pop show where the music itself matters f**k all.

Yes, I hated it. But hey, from the country that tortured the world by producing Abba... so no surprise.

While I think Italy's entry was one of the few entries that actually had some quality music, real instruments, style and swing. It seemed inspired in comparison to Sweden's standard pop crap.

I watched the ESC with a bunch of Germans and we were cheering and laughing when Italy went past Sweden after the last vote.
It's called Scandi-pop. A subgenre that's sadly been struggling in recent years internationally, imo, Scandinavian countries produce the best pop music (and they're not bad on dance either), so I'm always supporting most of what the Scandinavian countries put into Eurovision. Personally, I'd emigrate to Sweden just for the music scene. (They've had Popular at #1 for 4 weeks in the lead up to the contest)

Whether you liked it or not, you have to admit the performance stood out, and not in a hilarious way, like with Moldova. Eric's team did very well to get him 3rd, considering he was after Jedward, and after him yet another pop entry. Had he done anything other than an over the top performance, he would have been forgotten like Estonia was.

From where I'm standing, I saw Italy as a boring orchestral song, with a horrible screechy noise in the middle, and it only came second with a combination of the juries scoring it highly and a flurry of 'OMG! Italy's back' votes.
I'm not getting the atmosphere thing. It sent me to sleep and the music sounded like it belonged in the 50s.
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