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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

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No offense, everyone, but I'm struggling to see how anyone could not see Running Scared as winning material. As soon as I heard it for the first time I said to myself "That should win," and now it actually has.
Because it's forgettable...hey, I already don't remember it.
It's made to please people who doesn't really care about music, who are happy with something easy to the hears. But when you think about it, there is no material in it, nothing to remember.
That's the general consensus where I am as well by those who saw the show. There were two people who didn't stay up for the voting and both needed it spelt out to them what the winner's song was.

SBS, the TV channel that shows Eurovision here, put up a poll for Aussies to vote on for our choice. You could vote as often as you wanted, plus you could give songs down votes as well.

Here is how we voted:

1. Ireland
2. Greece
3. Serbia
4. Bosnia
5. Moldova
6. Hungary
7. Sweden
8. Denmark
9. UK
10. Ukraine
11. Finland
12. Romania
13. Iceland
14. Russia
15. Italy
16. Germany
17. Estonia
18. Slovenia
19. France
20. Austria
21. Georgia
22. Spain
23. Switzerland
24. Lithuania
25. Azerbaijan

I don't know about the voting. I think they were having a laugh with putting Jedwood first. Moldova coming so high was probably because it was crazy. Azerbaijan, I suspect got a hammering of down votes when people found out it won as a protest rather than it being what people thought was the worst of the finalists. I didn't check the site until after the final had finished over in Germany, but I'd think it would really be a bit higher than that...maybe around the 18 mark.
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