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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Navigator NCC2120 - thanks for the behind the scenes explanation. Interestingly, your explanation would've been okay. There is a scene from "The Enemy Within" where we clearly see the main viewer "off". I never noticed it until now while looking for reference shots

@Herkimer Jitty - I hear ya. I'm on the sidelines of whether the nub is the turbolift or is the the top of the shaft and the turbolift merely slides to the side when it reaches the bridge. I just thought it was interesting that the helm station doesn't always aim at the main viewer

@Cary L Brown - Thanks for the link to your thread. Mytran had pointed it out to me very early on in another thread (about the hangar/flight deck) It's good to see you posting back here at the board.

@Mytran - Ahh that makes sense! Hmm... of course they had to edit it in a way that there are crewmen there but not in the Chekov scene
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