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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I've only seen a little of the TOS-R (not in HD) but there were some extreme closeups shots somewhat spolit by being cropped for widescreen.
There was something wrong with the presentation of TOS-R you saw. It should be shown in the original aspect ratio of 4:3. Whoever cropped it to 16:9 messed up.
There were two versions (well, technically three, but that one was never meant to be shown) of TOS-R. The 4:3 version used on the Blu-Rays and a 16:9 version with cropped live-action and expanded CGI effects (the third being a version with the full 4:3 live action and 16:9 effects that was briefly released for downloading in some online shops and was quickly withdrawn.)

A lot of HD syndication channels preferred to buy the cropped version because idiots complain about black bars left and right, which is why it was produced.
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