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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

The first 3/4th of the episode reminded me why I never could stay watching this show: angst angst talk talk, more angst, more talk. GAH! Drama is okay but not the after-school-special way these scenes are written, "Oh Clark, I wanted to marry you but I fear this is just a metaphor for my inability to deal with my childhood issues." There's no feeling of life to these characters, that they are individual, actual human beings, other than what the actors bring to the role. It's comic-book writing in the bad sense that term.

However, the ending was cool and worth hanging around for (or, rather, zapping to the end - not just zapping the boring angst but also the ads, which seemed to take up at least half the two hours - a bit excessive there, CW.) The John Williams theme was a nice surprise. I didn't expect that they'd bother to get the rights to it.

Erica Durance was very good. I hope she gets a role in something else. Unlike Tom Welling, she has enough screen presence to cut through the hokey material.

I agree the Lex mindwipe was BS. I'm not even sure why they felt the need to do it. I guess for the sake of continuity with the movies? Why is that important? They aren't planning another series taking up where this one leaves off, are they?

And what ages are the characters supposed to be at the end? Are they still in high school? They all look like they're 30 years old. They probably are...
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