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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

^^I think it's actually supposed to be some idea of a comeback.

However, the UK has one of the best music scenes on the planet, we should be sending entries like Blue every year, rather than sending X-Factor rejects, long dead bubblegum-pop acts 10 years late, and nobodies (2008, 2007 and 2010 in order).

We just don't benefit much from diaspora votes that are always going to be there no matter what they do. Cyprus giving 12 points to Greece is a fact of life, but there aren't any countries who do that to us, so we need to work harder, and we should, considering we are in general better at music.

It's just the ridiculous opinion of EV that we have over here. As shown by 12 points to Ireland, 10 points to the (nice, but) blandest entry in the competition, and 8 points to Moldova. As soon as the UK starts really taking it seriously like everyone else does, we'll do well, and Blue were an important step towards that (Or they would have been if they had got top 10).

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A speculation I've heard on another forum is that the juries were trying to set up a battle with Italy, Ukraine and Sweden for the last few votes (it would make sense in Italy's case, because I can't see how people voted for it)
Italy was original, alive (in a live interpretation, that's a major point, it's more important than being technically perfect) and had some musical qualities.
I thought Italy was really boring. Even more boring than France, which at least had nice vocals. And the sound in the bridge... painful.

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No offense, everyone, but I'm struggling to see how anyone could not see Running Scared as winning material. As soon as I heard it for the first time I said to myself "That should win," and now it actually has.
Because it's forgettable...hey, I already don't remember it.
It's made to please people who doesn't really care about music, who are happy with something easy to the hears. But when you think about it, there is no material in it, nothing to remember.
Or because it's emotionally structured. I thought it was memorable, actually. Definitely a track that stood out from first listen, and again in the contest live - while UK and Sweden, my other favourites, had slightly less amazing live performances - in Sweden's case because it was too loud.

I've had the accusation of music I like only 'appealing to people who don't care about music' several times before and I hate it. I care about music; I love it. The opening bits, and then the lead up to the glorious chorus, just stand head and shoulders above everything else.

Maybe the lyrics mean less, but the instrumental is beautiful, and the lyrics manage to fit perfectly with the timing. It makes me feel emotional, and that's what counts for me.

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