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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Australis wrote: View Post
Part of the interval act is a singer in a plaid suit I’ve never heard of. Actually you’d think he was an entry from Austria or a slightly hip East European backwater, a frantic piece of ska-pop followed by a pop-rocker that wasn’t too bad at all.
Jan Delay actually started out in hip hop but ever since he's become a solo artist he keeps changing his musical style. His debut album Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels is one of the best German albums ever, I think. The second one, Mercedes Dance, is also pretty good.

Jono wrote: View Post
On the hosts: Anke was kind of odd. She had some strange facial expressions and over the top actions.
Well, she is odd. Kind of crazy but pretty funny (she's a comedian).
Now with a theme tune.
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