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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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It took me two weeks to read this book and I normally finish most books in four to five days.
Really? I gobbled it up in about a day.
Yup. I kept having to put the book down to give me time to process and wrap my head around some of the things presented.

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The other thing that hurt the book in my mind (and something I didn't enjoy about the Temporal Cold War in Enterprise and so many episodes of Voyager) is that it just makes time travel look so easy. I am, personally, very uncomfortable with that idea (for a wide variety of reasons that I shall not go into here). But these agents from different centuries and different timelines showing up and leaving at a whim just...frustrated me. Don't get me wrong though: I knew this kind of thing was going to happen in this book going in.
Interesting. And here I made such an effort to establish that time travel wasn't easy, at least not for people in the 24th century. That something like a slingshot maneuver was exceedingly dangerous and unlikely to succeed except by a fluke, and that nobody in the novelverse era had reliable time-travel technology yet.

It is true that future technology makes time travel more attainable, and makes it look easy. That's just following the lead of the screen canon. But the danger and complications resulting from that ease of time travel are pretty much the source of the driving crisis of the novel.
I suppose I wasn't quite clear in my statement above. I know that you were simply following and expanding on what was established in Voyager and (to a lesser extent) Enterprise. That wasn't really a condemnation of DTI:WTC. But, that aspect did sour me on the book a bit because how easy it has become to time travel in the future, no matter where that was established.

I enjoy a good time-travel story—and Trek has had quite few ("Yesterday's Enterprise" and "City on the Edge of Forever" to name a few). But Voyager seriously overdid it and, again, made it too easy (and I would argue that The Voyage Home also made it too easy). With as easy as it seems to have become in the future to travel in time, it almost makes it seem that time really has no meaning anymore. That disturbs me, especially when confronted with consequences that you've presented. Again, as I said before, it just frustrated me.

That all being said, I do hope that DTI has some followup books. I love what you did with the characters. It was other (non-controllable) things that didn't make the book rate as high for me.
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