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Re: Isn't the theme music fantastic?

My only disappointment is the apparent - note I said "apparent" - lack of a distinctive theme for the "main guest character" in The Doctor's Wife. Rather than hearing Eleven's theme near the end (I'm being spoiler-sensitive in my discussion here since this isn't marked as a spoiler thread and Australia and NZ have yet to see it) I'd have preferred a distinctive piece of music for the character.

Having said that, I fully intend to watch the episode several more times, so maybe there is a theme hidden away in there, just like I never really noticed the beautiful Madame De Pompadour theme until I bought the soundtrack CD. The epitome of Gold's use of motifs is when Rose appears at the end of The End of Time and she is identified solely by her distinctive theme. I didn't notice anything of similar nature in The Doctor's Wife.

I don't know what annoys me more - people bashing RTD or Moffat or people who bash Murray Gold's music. Personally I consider him the best TV composer we've seen in years, right up there with Jerry Goldsmith, Barry Gray and Ron Grainer in my books. Most TV (and film) music is just elevator muzak to me, but Gold's stuff stands on its own to be enjoyed even without the visuals of the TV series accompanying it. The fact he apparently wrote the song Katherine Jenkins (Katherine Jenkins!) sang in A Christmas Carol in only a couple days (a few hours?) shows how remarkable a talent he is.

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