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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Didn't get Azerbaijan's appeal either or Italy's. On the rest of the top four: Ukraine was weird, I watched it twice but all I remember is the sand artist, she pretty much distracted me from the song, so I don't now how to judge it. Sweden, was not my type of song but I get why it would get votes.

I thought Serbia would have done better, I wonder if it had been in English if it would have. Don't think Switzerland deserved to be last either. Plus there was quite a bit of unpleasantness in the crowd, is there always that much booing during the voting? I don't remember that much last year. I do like that it was a closer race this year, it wasn't until around the 40th country when you could safely call it. Previous two years the winner was certain quite early through.

On the hosts: Anke was kind of odd. She had some strange facial expressions and over the top actions. Judith was normal and Stefan...he was a bit of a tool, but he was given some strange lines by the writers. Weirdest moment was when he carried Anke over his shoulder up the stairs, she continued to say her section and when they got to the top and she finished Stefan just turned around and said his lines with Anke's (not disgraceful) backside on his shoulder and facing the camera.

Compared to last year, which was the only other contest I've watched both semis and the final, I didn't like as many songs this year. Australis said last year had a bit more colour. Looking forward to next year and as with one of our commentators, learning where Azerbaijan is.
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