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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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Yeah. It was a neat trick. I just finished rewatching Star Trek '09 and I was thinking of how cool it would have been if that had occurred with the two Spocks. Then again, maybe they were better off as separate.
Those two Spocks were 129 years apart in age, and would've had few actual particles in common anymore, not to mention the larger-scale differences between their physiologies as a result of the aging process. Indeed, since Spock Prime died and was regenerated on Genesis, he probably doesn't have any of his original subatomic particles anymore. So the two Spocks aren't the same physical entity on a quantum level, and thus their bodies couldn't be reintegrated through the process I described. (Yes, in "Relativity," Braxton was integrated with an older version of himself, and implicitly the same happened after "Future's End," since the Braxton seen at the end of that episode had no memory of his stranding on Earth but the one in "Relativity" did -- implying that Crazy Street Person Braxton was retrieved and reintegrated with his alternate self. But that's a difference of only a few decades, so there'd still be a fair number of shared particles, especially in parts of the body where cells aren't periodically replaced, such as the brain. It's a myth that the body undergoes a complete turnover of cells every seven years.)
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