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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 3: Part 2

“Uh, oh!” Daria said.

“What?” Jennifer asked.

“A large heard of wild ponies is approaching the school!” Daria said.

“A stampede?” Jane asked.

“That is highly probable,” Daria said.

“Then wish the herd away!” Kristen said.

“I shall do so,” Daria said. She held up the emerald and wished. “I wish that the herd of wild ponies will appear somewhere far away from Lawndale!”

Jean looked at Daria with a quizzical look and said. “You are thinking of a specific place, aren’t you?”

The look on Daria’s face (and her surface thoughts) answered Jean’s question. “Granting wish!” she said with relish.

The herd disappeared from the back of Lawndale High School

Highland, Texas
The herd appeared behind Highland High School. Two moronic teen boys were sitting on a log near a fire-ant nest staring at said nest. They did not take notice of the rumbling at first. “I miss Diarrhoea,” one of them said. The other one started to say something, but they then noticed the ponies bearing down upon them. They got up and ran away, screaming...

“The herd is now in Texas,” Jean said.

“Good,” Daria said with a smirk.

“You wished the herd to your old town, didn’t you?” Jane asked.

“Am I that predictable?”

The herd disappeared. The group let go of each other. “Let’s go before anything else serious happens,” Quinn said.

“Definitely!” Stacy said.

“That wasn’t good,” Anna said, noting the disappearance of the herd.

“We must be prepared, especially if is a group of fellow seniors,” Chip said.

“Definitely,” Anna said, a bit absent-mindedly. Chip was slightly concerned about Anna’s absent-mindedness but her concern about the emerald overrode that. They exited the Science Block.

“Scarlett, Elias Howarth is approaching,” Tananda Watts said.

“Don’t worry, Tan,” Scarlett Hawkins-Le Faye said. The reason why Tananda had warned Scarlett was that Elias had had a crush on her the previous year. It wasn’t clear whether that was still the case...

“Have you seen an emerald, Sandi Griffin or Jean Jenner around here?” Torii asked.

“I guess that explains those ponies appearing and disappearing,” Scarlett said, fingering her ankh in an attempt to not look at Elias.

Scarlett had known that that something was up since Wednesday afternoon. It was an intuitive sense. She knew that a series of events was going to change Lawndale permanently in the latter part of February.

“So, are you coming with?” Quinn asked.

“Sure,” Scarlett said.

“I will come too,” Tananda said.

They followed the other five into the quad between the M/A/HE and Science Blocks.

“Look! Jean is with Kristen, Jennifer, Jane and Daria,” Scarlett said, when she sighted them near the library (which was still festooned in the streamers that Torii had wished for earlier).

“Then I am sure that is where the emerald is,” Elias said.

“I am sure that it is,” Scarlett said.

“I hope you are right,” Quinn said.

“But where would Sandi be?” Stacy asked.

“No idea,” Scarlett said.

Elias, Scarlett and Quinn jogged up the group near the library, with Stacy, Tananda, Ted and Tiffany trailing behind.
“Jennifer, did you wish for the zero gravity?” Elias asked.

“Actually it was I,” Kristen said.

“Not a good idea, Kristen,” Elias said.

“I’m aware of that now, Elias,” Kristen said, apologetically.

“Who wished for that stampede?” Quinn asked.

“That was Jean being mischievous,” Daria said.

“Ok,” Quinn said.

“I wished the herd to a very deserving place in Texas though,” Daria said.

Quinn got it. “You just had to torment those two one more time didn’t you?”

“So, where is Sandi?” Stacy asked.

“Time-warping past recess,” Daria said.

“Apparently the emerald wouldn’t go with,” Jane said.

“Okaay,” Tiffany said.

They talked for a while, wondering about what would happen when Sandi reappeared. Jodie, Mack, Jeffy, Jamie and Joey joined them.

Two minutes before the end of recess, Tiffany had the emerald. “I wiish for a lot of raain,” she said, wondering what would happen. The wish-ripples went up into the sky and cumulonimbus clouds immediately began concentrating over Lawndale. There was a clap of thunder.

“Tiffany!” Daria and Quinn exclaimed in unison. It began pouring. There was a flash of lightning close to the school.

“That was definitely not a good idea!” Jane and Jennifer said. They both made actions to grab Tiffany. She slipped away, as the rain increased in intensity. There was another clap of thunder and lightning hit the football stands next to the school.

Most of the group immediately dashed into the library (off which the rain was stripping the streamers). Stacy and Kristen dashed after Tiffany towards the M/A/HE Block.

As she neared the Music/Arts/Home Economics block, Tiffany slipped over. The emerald fell out of her hand and rolled into a nearby puddle. “Oh no-oo!” she exclaimed. Stacy and Kristen came up. “The emeraaald, I’ve lost it!” she said.

“Oh no! Lawndale may flood!” Stacy said. Indeed, much of the quad was awash.

“Help me look!” Kristen said, as she stooped down. “Yuck!”

Daria, Quinn and Jodie walked through the footbridge from the Library. “It doesn’t look good,” Jodie said.

“Indeed, let’s rush and try to find Tiffany before she loses the emerald,” Daria said.

“I am not sure what came over her. It’s like the emerald may induce people to use it or something,” Quinn said.

Daria and Jodie stopped. “That sounds familiar,” Jodie said.

‘Oh no! I hope that it is not like the One Ring,’ Daria thought. “Unfortunately it is,” Daria said.

“You mean that there is a book about that kind of thing?” Quinn asked.

“Don’t worry. It’s fiction,” Daria said.

“The Lord of the Rings,” Jodie said. Jean entered the footbridge.

“Don’t worry, the emerald is nowhere as compulsive as the One Ring,” she said.

“That’s good,” Jodie said.

“Is there a movie about this book?” Quinn asked as they started moving again.

“There are a few rumours, but there isn’t one yet,” Jodie said.

“Ok,” Quinn said.

Kristen found the emerald at the bottom of a puddle. “Here it is,” she said. She held it up for Stacy and Tiffany to see.

“Ok, wish that the rain would stop,” Stacy said. However something else happened instead, The bell rang and Sandi emerged from the time-warp less than two metres away.

Sandi emerged from the time-warp. She immediately noticed that the emerald did not come with her. She also noticed the rain and that Kristen had the emerald.

“Kristen Leung-Bell, like, give me that emerald!” Sandi exclaimed.

“Eep!” Stacy said, she ran off towards the Music/Arts/Home Economics Block.

“Here it is!” Kristen said. She threw the emerald to Sandi and ran off, following Stacy.

“I wish that Tiffany and I were in class,” Sandi wished.

Quinn, Joey, Jeffy and Jamie met in the history class. Mr DeMartino was looking out at the flooding quad.
Why is it that students should find something so powerful!” he said.

“No idea, Mr DeMartino,” Jamie said.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Mr White!”

Then Sandi and Tiffany appeared, bringing with them some rain, and a patch of ground, including mud, grass and some puddles.

“I wish that the rain currently falling in Lawndale will stop,” Sandi said.

“Wheeere is Jean?” Tiffany asked.

“She is talking to Daria and Jodie,” Quinn said.

“But now the classroom is a mess!” Mr DeMartino said.

“Really, Jean’s mischievousness is going too far,” Sandi said. She was wondering about what happened earlier, when the emerald didn’t come through the time-warp with her.

“Wish it clean, Ms Griffin!” Anthony said.

“Of course,” Sandi said. She then wished the classroom clean and her and Tiffany unsoaked.

Stacy ran through the corridor towards the classroom. She and Kristen were late to History.

“So, it is only going to get worse?” Daria asked Jean.

“Much worse,” Jean said. Daria crossed her arms and stared at her. “I can’t predict what will happen,” she continued.

“Actually, you have been talking as if you do know what is going to happen,” Daria said.

“Like you have some foresight or something,” Jane said.

“Golly, you’re good, Daria,” Jean said.

“And?” Daria prompted.

“And I got the information from time travellers back in the sixties during an ‘incident’ over in Oakwood. All that I’ll say about this afternoon is that I won’t be leaving the school with Sandi,” Jean said.

“Who are you leaving with?” Jodie said.

“I am not saying anything further,” Jean said. She then vanished, going to the History classroom.

“Daria, she didn’t say that the emerald won’t leave with Sandi, just that she won’t be leaving with Sandi,” Jane said.

Daria smirked “There’s wiggle room,’ she said. She then lead the way to class.

Stacy and Kristen entered the History classroom. “Ms Leung-Bell. Ms Rowe, you’re late!”

“Sorry! There was a lot of rain!” Stacy said.

“Apology accepted,” Mr DeMartino said.

An hour after recess, Ms Li came to. “What just happened?” she asked herself. She looked around at the office. It was a mess, both from the shorting out of all the equipment and the brief zero gravity happening. She glanced at the clock. It was stopped at 9:35. She looked at her watch. The digital component was blank, but the analogue component was also stuck at 9:35.
“Great! This will be very expensive to fix!” she said. ‘Unless, of course, those rumours have a basis in fact!’ she thought. She examined the equipment again. It was quite dead. ‘I will have to use the phone in the faculty lounge,’ she thought. She left the office.

Ms Li entered the Faculty Lounge. It was empty, except for the barely noticeable Head Maths teacher, Jasper Ewing. She went over to the phone. She called the technicians whom usually worked on the school’s technical issues.

After talking to the technicians the Principal went to the computer in the faculty lounge. She then logged out and then logged in using her administrator’s password. She soon found that the school’s backup server (in the basement beneath the library) was still up (she didn’t know that it too was affected by Jean’s tampering the previous morning).
She soon found that all of the information from that morning, (including recordings of the aborted questioning of Andrea and Torii) were there.
“Good,” she said.
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