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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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The other thing that hurt the book in my mind (and something I didn't enjoy about the Temporal Cold War in Enterprise and so many episodes of Voyager) is that it just makes time travel look so easy. I am, personally, very uncomfortable with that idea (for a wide variety of reasons that I shall not go into here). But these agents from different centuries and different timelines showing up and leaving at a whim just...frustrated me. Don't get me wrong though: I knew this kind of thing was going to happen in this book going in.
Interesting. And here I made such an effort to establish that time travel wasn't easy, at least not for people in the 24th century. That something like a slingshot maneuver was exceedingly dangerous and unlikely to succeed except by a fluke, and that nobody in the novelverse era had reliable time-travel technology yet.

It is true that future technology makes time travel more attainable, and makes it look easy. That's just following the lead of the screen canon. But the danger and complications resulting from that ease of time travel are pretty much the source of the driving crisis of the novel.

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My only (slight) criticism? I think Dulmur's origin story should have been saved for another book. It's an interesting story that felt a bit rushed, if only because there was so much material that needed to be covered.
Well, it's hard for me to see another way I could've approached it. I needed to give these guys some character growth, explore their relationship, yet they seemed pretty settled into their roles by "Trials." I knew I wanted to do flashback chapters showing TNG/DS9/etc. time-travel episodes from a DTI perspective, and it seemed natural to tie them together into an arc exploring Lucsly & Dulmur's history, how their relationship began and evolved. I wanted Dulmur to be more of an open book than Lucsly, an audience identification character with Lucsly kept as more of a black box, so it made sense to start with why Dulmur joined the DTI.

The ending? Brilliant. Asimov would have been very proud.
Aw, shucks. Thank you.

The DTI concept could easily be made into a book series...I hope that happens. It would be great to see other authors' take on the expanded concept.
Well, the problem with doing it regularly is that it would be hard to avoid the cliched kinds of time-travel stories that have been done countless times before. Also it would run the risk of cheapening time travel as a threat, making it too commonplace. I really like the DTI characters, but I wouldn't like to see DTI overused. Best to save it for when there's really a story worth telling.
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