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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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I may be mistaken but doesn't Jor-El state that he HAD to combine his Kryptonian and his human side to be the "HERO"?
Jor-El sounds a little like an Adult form Charlie Brown very quickly.

But that just seems like psycho-babble for that he was in denial about a fraction (Chunk) of his personality...

(I'm watching Rock Hudson trying to seduce Doris Day in Pillow Talk right now. Not exactly denial (IT'S CALLED ACTING!) but I'm over-reading into some of the script about love being somewhat ambiguous that thy're trying to backdoor make homosexuality acceptable to the American contemporal consciousness of the late 1950s.)

...If Martha hadn't murdered his Kryptonian half with black Kryptonite back in season four.
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