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special features wishlist for TNG-R Blu-ray

Okay we've heard about the rumors recently that TNG is getting a remastered effort by CBS for HD.
Now I started a thread a couple years ago about ENT getting a Blu-ray release and a wishlist for special features I'd like to see for that.

In the same vein of the idea. If TNG-Remastered happens what special features would you like to see for complete seasons sets?

Surely we can have 1 if not 2 audio commentaries for every episode. Yes TNG is that popular that they can have a director/crew commentary, and a cast commentary, some Patrick Stewart & Jonathan Frakes commentaries, some Rick Berman commentaries, director commentaries especially when actors directed episodes such as "In Theory" directed by Patrick Stewart.
How about a Gene Roddenberry commentary pieces together from various interviews for an episode? Disney has done this with Walt Disney interviews for a number of films such as Fantasia: 60th Anniversary Edition.

more of those Okuda text trivia commentaries.

deleted scenes such as:
Encounter At Farpoint
A deleted scene includes footage of tentacles which reach out of a wall of the alien lifeform and grabbed for Troi and Riker. The producers decided these special effects looked horrible and removed the scene from the episode.
also from memory alpha.
I'd just like to see the deleted scene as-was-produced in standard definition.
I'd like them to show some behind-the-scenes on-set footage from Paramount's sister show Entertainment Tonight maybe from a promo piece before the start of each new season that was not used for the DVD season sets.

Best of Both Worlds with an optional isolated music-only score audio option.
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