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Japanese TOS-R in 16:9 framing in 2007.

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No. No, no, no. Do not re-format TNG to 16:9.

The directors and cinematographers working on TNG constructed their shots for a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you want to take it to 16:9, you can only do that in one of two ways -- either you chop off some of the top and bottom of each scene or you include things outside the original border of the frame that were never meant to be included in the shot.
I think the TNG-R work would all be done at 16:9 and only the Japanese Blu-ray would get 16:9 video.
Everywhere else in the world including streaming downloads would get pillarboxed 16:9. (4:3 video).
in order to make a fully wide-screen version of the show, the live action shots would have to be cropped using what is called ‘pan and tilt’. For now the HD masters of the show are ‘pillar boxed’ (black bars on the left and right) so you see the full frame live action and the extra CGI shots are cropped to fit.
This is what they did with TOS-R and talked about back in 2007 for the HD-DVD release. check the link. worth the read.

as well as Trekmovie in 2006 and it was referred as 'futureproofing'.
Yes guys and gals in other words CBS Digital did all the new visual FX in 16:9 HD. that's 25% more visual picture than you've seen if you've seen the TOS-Remastered versions unless you saw the Japanese TOS-R...

Does anyone know if the Japanese release of the TOS-R on Blu-ray are also in 16:9 with 'pan and tilt' full 16:9 image?

Unrelated to the above.
I'd love to see the
Encounter At Farpoint effects shot done by ILM used. The 35mm shots of the ENT-D as ILM work is a lot better than just the weekly episodes...
as per memory alpha:
Industrial Light & Magic did the special effects only for this episode, but was also credited for the rest of the series because footage was continuously reused. Under ILM artists Pat Sweeney and David Carson the team filmed the fire and explosion scenes with the "Old Bandi City" model
also a deleted scene for the Blu-ray special features:
Encounter At Farpoint
A deleted scene includes footage of tentacles which reach out of a wall of the alien lifeform and grabbed for Troi and Riker. The producers decided these special effects looked horrible and removed the scene from the episode.
also from memory alpha. I'd just like to see the deleted scene as-was-produced in 1987 since we don't have any deleted scenes from TNG on the DVD season sets.

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