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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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@All who replied to the bridge oddity - I wasn't trying to solve the facing of the bridge but seeing if the occasional lack of helm console alignment to the main viewer could be a "feature". Haven't even got to a point where I can build the bridge out and fit it to the hull yet
Have you checked out my thread? You're welcome to refer to it if that might help...

Regarding the bridge structure itself... the only "fixed" element in the bridge configuration must be the lift location. Every other element is simply a "computer workstation" (and yes, I'm including the main viewer in there!) and can be arranged in any way desired. Obviously, you can't rearrange the bridge "on the fly" and would need to be shut down when moving elements around, but the only "stake in the ground" is the lift, and the overall shape of the bridge dome (which could be swapped out, obviously).

I've always assumed that the "stock" Constitution bridge, as originally designed, had the the conn, the main viewer, and the lift all in-line along the centerline (only the lift "must" be on the centerline).

But have you noticed how disturbing it is when someone walks into a room immediately behind you, where you can't see them, even through the corner of your eye? So, my guess is that a number of commanders chose to have the various computer stations (including the viewer) powered down, disconnected, and "swapped around" to give them a similar layout, but allowing them to see who comes into the bridge through the corner of their eye without having to turn around and take their eye off of whatever is on the main screen or the astrogator or so forth.

When the major uprating was done (for TMP), this was addressed, and the original concept (conn and main viewer on centerline) was restored, but the lift tubes in the primary hull were entirely rebuilt so that there were two stations, one on either side.

The configuration we saw in TOS was clearly the case on three starships... the Enterprise, the Lexington, and the Exeter. It might well be that all of them were altered in this same way, or it may have only been those three. I doubt very much that the Intrepid's captain would have felt that same level of "unease" that a human captain would feel in that situation, for example.
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