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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

Y'know, I think it's actually pretty difficult to fuck up Superman's origin story. It's simple, iconic, strikes all the right notes. I've read nearly all iterations of it out there. Sadly the last "Secret Origins" one's gotta be the worst. And it borrows heavily from Smallville, go figure. This show was really confused about its purpose. It started as a "grounded", "realistic" portrayal of how the Man of Steel got his start. Someone who knew nothing about Superman was supposed to be able to watch this and understand and believe why someone would end up wearing red undies over his tights, all under his boxers and pants. What we got instead was its compulsion to not take us there, making the sudden transformation so much more laughable. Knowing they'd have him on for 5 seconds of screen time, they never bothered to tailor a Superman suit that would fit Welling, and ended up making a goofy cg rendering of him instead. Super-disappointing and downright evil in the scale of the let-down this was.
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