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Re: Why did Janeway have such bad taste in men...

^ For her to date a subordinate, yes.

She could have willingly had a "random dalliance" with an alien commander or politician or random dude that she ended up really liking. There were ways to keep a lover around without him being a subordinate to her on her own ship. Another ship traveling alongside, perhaps?

And seconded on Jaffen. I like that guy. He was kinda like Mark. Note also that Janeway was still pining for Mark quite a bit early on. Oh! And you forgot Gath on that list - the gross dude from "Prime Factors." *shiver* Now that was a creeper.

And Kashyk was a sexy creeper.

EDIT: I should mention that there's something to be said for a woman who doesn't necessarily "need" someone else to be happy, though. Maybe the independence was important. And there is something rather poignant about the loneliness of the character.

That said - it would have been nice to see her get with someone willingly. No mind control, no playing dangerous games.
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