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Re: Breaking In - New FOX Comedy - Christian Slater, Bret Harrison

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^Yes, because changing the airtime/date for one episode does such great things for ratings on a show. This is just a way for them to tweek the numbers and say "see? we told you the ratings weren't high enough!"
If the ratings hold firm or don't drop too much, it's proof that the show has its own audience and not just people who are too lazy to reach the remote after Idol. Because if that's all the show has, it deserves cancellation.

FOX is giving the show the chance to prove itself rather than just assuming that it has no significant fanbase of its own. It's more than most cancelled shows get.

The reason that tests like this usually fail is because let's face it, it's hard for any show to develop a fanbase quickly. But that's the reality of the TV environment nowadays. Sink or swim. If anything, I don't think FOX cleared enough timeslots. They had to pass on at least two interesting-sounding pilots (although they're shopping one - Locke & Key - to cable, where it belongs anyway.)

Reality crap is still hogging up way too much of the schedule, that's the real problem.

I really don't see why people love Christian Slater in this at all. He's the only thing that lessens my enjoyment of the show. I'd rather see just about any other actor in that role. He comes across as an obtuse ass, and not in the good, fun, antagonist kind of way. Just a fucking asshole.
All the characters are underwritten (which is why I'd like to see the show given more time - to develop the characters beyond the paper thin level). It's off-putting to see a character who just charges out, being an asshole, with no real explanation. But all the other characters are thin as well. None of them come off as real people - yet. Oz could be a great character with better writing. So could Cam, Cash and Dutch. The others, not so sure about, but four strong characters is enough to pass muster.

The actors right now are just doing what they can to keep the show afloat, by being garish and attention-grabbing, to compensate for the weak writing. Hopefully with more time, the writers will catch up and then the characters and the show will feel more whole.
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