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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

I am completely and utterly conflicted about the episode. Half of of me thought it was brilliant, and the other half thinks it was the most bloody awful piece of shit I've ever seen.

Part One really was a complete waste of time. Even at SV's lowest of low it never squandered away valuable screen-time in such epic proportions. Three of the acts were identical--I mean literally! It would would have been one thing to be that dreadfully repetitive in a mid-season filler, but this was the show's last episode. Then the proverbial salt in the wound is when we found out that they don't even get married, so the whole thing was just a total waste of time!

All in all, the whole Lex thing was stupid and pointless. Lutherstien's Monster was just absurd, even for a comic book show. But more than that, I feel like Lex was shoehorned into the show just for the sake of it. I think they should have just left him for dead.

For one thing, I just could never get excited over Rosenbaum returning as everyone else did. Never thought he was THAT great of an actor. It just that he was usually either opposite Glover who is one of those guys who is so fucking good he makes everyone around him better, or opposite Welling who is ... well, Welling. On his own, he just comes across as somewhat bland.

But the mind whip was plain stupid. Other than being a painfully trite DEM, it was also contradictory to the basic nurture v. nature element of the show and the whole point to the Clark/Lex dyad.. Hell, the episode's main theme was rooted in NvN. What were they thinking? It's like they paint an entire room red except one little corner just because they had a can of blue paint.

Freeman seemed to be the only one in the main cast who bothered to show up for work which is surprising because I'm surprised that when she was handed the script she didn't answer with a: .

There was a million other things wrong with it, but I don't want to bother.

That all said, the geek-out moments were awesome and there were enough of those throughout to hold my attention. Essentially I was the poor dog falling for the occasional snausage while someone jams stuff up my ass. I was too distracted to notice the shitfest while I was watching.

Ultimately though, they could have done better--well, at least had "they" been someone else.
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