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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

That... Was... Just... So... Fucking Bad! I can't find anything even remotely redeemable about it. So Lex is back and he's a clone? And all his memories from the last ten years have been erased, so why would he turn out evil in the end? He wasn't evil at the start of Smallville, he ends up that way by the experiences over the course of the series, so erasing that why would end up that way? It makes no sense!!

And the one certainty over years was that in the end we would see him in the suit, even if only for a minute. But we didn't even get that, we didn't get to see him in the suit, it was just distant crappy cgi.

So what was the whole point? I'm at a loss for words! It was like they decided to actually go out of their way to tell each and every viewer that they were morons for watching and here's a big FU!!!

I've never seen a show have more disregard for their viewers. Good riddance Smallville! Rot In Pieces!
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