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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

I'm thinking back to all the mirror universes we've seen and if Apokolips was coming for them too?

The one were Lex is president and Kara is his aide and both are puppets to Brainiac?
The Ultraverse?
The Future we saw where Zod won and the skies were red? Darkeid vs 80 bland an unspirational supermen and superwomen?

When Clarks Cape was flapping, it reminded me of that death seer from season one, what he saw when he touched Clark, even though he claimed that Clark was Immortal.

If Darkseid destroyed the earth, which was almost a certainty, wasn't it also an almost certainty that Kara would arrive in an asteroid field in Earths orbit like when Leia tried to go back to Aalderan? (You can't go home.) The Answer-phone that thinks it is Jor-El really does dislike that girl.
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