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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

I was outraged and confused and dumbstruck. How? When? When... WHAT THE FUCK!?

Seriously, how did he get rid of Apokolips without removing the gravametric attraction of half the populations omega Sigils? The story was leading up to the notion that he was going to inspire humanity to repel Apokolips and the darkness by discarding their marks and denying Darseid, but instead he just shoves it with his shoulder and every one feels safe enough to reject Darkseid because they have a caretaker to look after them and that is why they lost their marks... Was the cart before the horse or the horse before the cart?!


It's like words like Cohesive and contiguity are just concepts that happen in other peoples productions.

The last 5 minutes were cool.

(I teared up a little.)

Chloe with Ollie Junior was extraordinary too.
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