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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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I thought it was above average. It was better than BSG and Lost in that it stayed true to what the show was and gave us what we wanted to see.
Lost's finale was a mess but nowhere near the clusterfuck this was--LOST only had 6 years worth of expectations to meet and disappoint Smallville had a whole decade. BSG's finale was near perfect and there is no comparing the two.
We got to see Superman. Sure he didn't have a big battle with Parademons but Darkseid has never even been on live action TV before. Here he was more about "the darkness" and Clark was their hope.
That is so trite and simple-minded if that was the point of Darkseid by the writers. Smallville had a bad habit of abruptly resolving things--case in point Oliver's able to overcome the darkness with some words of encouragement from Clark--lame it reminded me of Sayid and Claire's evil/good make over from LOST.
People give this show too much crap.
It deserves it--it is crap. Horrible stale trite writing, some good story ideas poorly executed, aimless storytelling, unsatisfying payoffs.
Look at all the cool things like the JSA and other DC things it has shown us when just a few years ago nothing like that would ever be on the air.
We did get those and they were highlights but those were the exception not the norm and a lot of times the way they used DC characters on the show was lame and disappointing.
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