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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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For the detail-oriented observers of TOS...

Did anyone notice this odd scene in "By Any Other Name" where the bridge main viewer doesn't appear in front of the helm station?

Or in a few episodes, the helm station doesn't always align with the viewer? It's happened in a few different episodes so it isn't an isolated incident

Just throwing this out here... Could it be theorized that the helm/captain's section is on a swivel platform?
This was discussed in the Fan Production Forum sometime in the last year or so. The member with the screen name GSchnitzer (Greg) is involved with the Star Trek Phase 2 (formerly Star Trek New Voyages) fan production. He said that the helm/nav section was rotated away from the main view screen because it would have been too time consuming and too expensive to show the effect of Chekov being transformed into the dodecahedron cube with star field effect on the main viewer. I suggested instead of rotating the helm/nav section away from the main viewer, just turn off the main viewer before Chekov is transformed into the cube (by having Kirk or Rojan ordering it off).

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