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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

This was my review of the finale...

I knew they would disappoint with this finale but I was hoping I was wrong. TPTB should be absolutely embarrassed by the "effort" they put forward.

They wasted the entire first hour on Clark/Lois nonsense.
Typical WB/CW angst garbage. I mean it's hard to underestimate how bad the first half was. I laughed like crazy when Chloe slapped the wedding ring out of Lois's hand...that was funny on a lot of levels. Clark and Oliver get into a decent fight which sadly turns out to be the best fight in the entire episode.

Tonight's episode was not about Clark Kent becoming a was about a little boy who had to have his hand held and be walked to his destiny. After a decade, Clark Kent is still as indecisive as he was ten years ago and had to have his two dead fathers, his mother, his wife, and his arch-enemy give him pep talks in order to get him to finally do the right thing. The entire world is falling apart and Clark spends 45 minutes running around the entire state of Kansas doing nothing.

Not to mention Clark's bizarre decision to forget about his TRUE father, Jonathan. I thought he had resolved these problems a hundred different times already.

I predicted weeks ago that the "battle" with Darkseid would last only one puch and I was proven correct. The "epic battle" between Clark and Darkseid did the made the "epic battle" between Clark and Doomsday look like the greatest fight scene of all-time and that "fight" was an awful embarrassment.

I understand Smallville is the story of Clark Kent but it was completely beyond them to have one episode dedicated to Superman. As far as I'm concerned, we didn't see Superman tonight. We saw CGI Superman. How that is satisfying is beyond me.

And speaking of which...Tom Welling gets an F for being such a prima donna and not wearing the Superman costume. Seriously, would it have been too much of a problem to have worn the costume for one stinking minute? An absolute embarrassment.

Lois gets on Air Force One with a fake ID? Really? Really?!

Thanks goes tonight to Michael Rosenbaum. Without him, this finale would have been a 0. It was so good seeing him again and the show definitely missed him. Loved his scene with Clark and the fallout between him and Tess. Don't know how I feel about the whole memory wipe thing...I would assume he regained his memory to a certain degree in order to become president. Which was pretty damn awesome.

Tess's storyline with all the Luthors was cool tonight. Poor Tess. The writers never knew what to do with her but
Cassidy Freeman managed to rise above the material.
The close-up for CGI Darkseid was cool.

Speaking of costumes, Oliver finally puts on his Green Arrow costume for the first time in a year. Why he still disguises his voice is beyond me. Of course, the goodwill is lost when he takes out all of Darkseids minions in one shot. Yet another disappointing Smallville "battle."

Nice to see Chloe, Jonathan, Lionel and Martha again. The Henry/James thing is absolutely ridiculous but it was nice to see Aaron Ashmore again.

My dislike of the finale aside and despite the inconsistent nature of this show, I really am going to miss Smallville. It was a nice way to wind down my weekday. Thanks for the memories, Smallville!
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