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Re: Smallville10x21&22 "Finale" Discuss/Grade

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To people complaining that Clark and Darkseid didn't have a full on brawl...what that ever in the cards? I mean, did the producers ever say or imply that was going to be happening in any way, shape, or form?
No but this is a series finale, Darkseid is a tough motherf*cker and Clark becomes Superman you'd think there would be an epic fight.
Yeah, but Lionel isn't. Besides, this season wasn't about "Clark vs. Darkseid".

And with people complaining about not seeing a battle on Apocalypse...the Apocalypse featured in the episode was just a simple planet. It didn't have any civilization on it. It was coming to Earth because of the Omega mark on people.
Darkseid and Apokolips were just macguffins in the end. But you'd think in the series finale and on a show as bad as this they'd give us some exciting fights and battle sequences involving Parademons or having Superman go there and confront Darkseid instead of the other way around if for no reason that add some excitement to the mix. Afterall they hinted at his coming all season and not to pay it off in a more grand scale and more focal way seems inept on the part of the writers.
Other than what Captain M wrote, Darkseid & Co. were macguffins. They've been that this entire season. The season wasn't about Darkseid's threat. Rather it was about Clark's journey to coming out as a hero. Darkseid's threat was there to influence some of the events for that to happen.

And I thought the idea of a whole frickin' planet crashing into Earth with a ticking clock (including the gov't readying to nuke part of the world) was pretty exciting.

What happened is that Toyman is in jail and the other members of Marionette Ventures (not the Legion) had their own targets (ie. who they typically menace in the comics). Plus, since this was the day after the previous episode and everything on the planet went to hell, it is likely that they either didn't get whatever villainous scheme in place yet or said to each other "Um...lets hold off a bit guys."
Yes if we were talking about the real world you could make that argument but Smallville is fictional entertainment--silly me I just assume if the writers make a point of making a big deal out of it and setting it up as something more then they should follow through otherwise why frame it the way they did?
I didn't get the impression they made that much of a deal out of it considering Toyman's plan was thwarted thereby effectively ending Marionette Ventures.
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