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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

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Seriously. Moldova were terrible. The only good thing Moldova has ever produced with regards to music is O-Zone. They were even worse than Jedward (who also got through). At the expense of Slovakia and Belarus.

Interesting final now, most of my favourites are through, but poor brave Norway, Armenia, Slovakia and Belarus, who now must rest in peace.

Couldn't pick a winner, but if any of UK, Azerbaijan, Hungary or Sweden win, I will be so happy. France are boring.
I was shocked for Moldova going to the final They had lots of show, yes..but the song is simply horrible
I was very happy that Ukraine passed(good singer and lyrics)
and also Slovenia
I was very unhappy that Bulgaria did not make it,
they had such a good show, song..and performed well

The Final will be very interesting and exciting final..or at least I hope so.
I think we will see some surprises also
I think the overall song quality might be even better than last years finale..(though I dont remember that so well)
It is almost comical, that all the favorites for winning the whole contest are among the first ten songs performing

I would be perfectly happy if Hungary would win, its a good song and perfectly well performed live.
It lacks the tons of show of Sweden, but is better in overall accounts.
France is good vocally ..and has a nice song.
But the Opera-style might turn to be disadvantage.

I honestly dont know who will win It could be a suprise winner, a black horse that nobody really guessed winning.
Must wait and see!

My personal favorites in the finale are: Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Other good ones: Spain, France, Austria and Finland
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