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Re: SGU needed Flashbacks, not Stones

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^ People do porn, become prostitutes and go on talk shows, so I can believe that some people would allow use of their bodies for sex. Although who, how many and what they'd get out of it, I don't know. I'm glad that the show went there and I found it entertaining.
But they didn't even talk about it. If you're going to use technology with such moral implications it would be nice if there was, y'know, some onscreen discussion of it.

Instead, it just happened and it's like everyone was supposed to be okay with it. Does not compute.
One of the kino webisodes does say that the people on Earth who volunteer for stone swaps actually sign forms authorizing their bodies to be used for sexual purposes.

The weirdness of that aside, my main beef with the stones is that everyone was so accpeting that these strangers who walked into their houses were in fact their loved ones, and some of these people agreed to have sex with a complete stranger who just claimed to be their husband/wife/significant other. In fact, aside from Eli's mother, no one showed any real skepticism about these complete strangers claiming to be loved ones.
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