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Re: SGU needed Flashbacks, not Stones

Kirby wrote: View Post
Meh, I like the concept for the stones, but I didn't like the execution of the stones. They were way too cavalier about what they would let them do in other people's bodies.

Flashbacks are fine if used sparingly, but I guess we'll never know...
Yeah, that was kind of my main beef with the stones. If such a technology really existed and the Destiny situation occurred, there is no way in hell people would be allowed out in public in the bodies of others. It's also a bit daffy that they would let these people's families in on the Stargate Program. Considering all the people who have found out or been told about it over the years, the Stargate Program must be the worst-kept secret ever.

There's also the whole having-sex-in-other-people's-bodies thing that I don't see ever flying in a real-world situation. I know I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief but that's seriously stretching it and I don't think most reasonable people would ever agree to something like that.
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