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Muscle rotation is one of those things people tend to over complicate - 90% of the importance is simply in the act of consistent rotation and avoiding overworking a muscle. Some fitness guides/programs have worked out these sophisticated models as far as "it makes sense to work your glutes THEN your hamstrings, or your hamgstrings and then your quads", so on and so forth. But all of those hyper specific programs are working on the last 10 or 5% gains when it comes to circuiting and rotation of muscle groups.

The main things to remember are that the larger a muscle is the longer it takes to heal - and there are no hard and fast time periods. I think in Arnold's Bodybuilding Encyclopedia he cites 48 hours for big muscles (back, chest, quads) and 24 hours for small muscles (biceps, calves, traps) etc. Of course, some of this is kind of an academic distinction because many lifts are compound anyway and work a couple different muscles - in fact some of the BEST lifts are compound lifts, like power clean, snatch & press, etc.

In general you should give big muscles at least 2 days rest and small ones a day; but that is assuming a certain level of exertion. Some people do a ridiculous amount of lifting only 1 or 2 or 3 days a week, whereas others (like me) will do a moderate or light amount of lifting 5 or 6 days a week. Once you get going you sort of start to develop your own metric for how much you've torn up the muscle and how much rest it needs +/- that 2 day/1 day guideline. On the subject of compound lifts (like olympic lifts like powerclean, snatch & press, etc), one of the things that I do to diversify my workout (and I mention it because it represents an exception to this rest rule) is that some days I will do a couple sets of an olympic lift but for weight that I don't consider super difficult; because in essence it becomes a high intensity cardio circuit; so I don't consider it a 'lift' in terms of whether I'm 'counting' those muscles as used that day, because I'm not pushing them to exhaustion, I'm pushing my BODY to exhaustion simply because they're fast, difficult lifts that use 80% of your muscles. I'll do em in the cardio regime of like 3 sets, 10-12 reps. Today on the other hand, I did them 'as lifts' - I did 3 sets of snatch & press for weight, something like 5-8 reps each.

Saw a study recently that found that the calorie-burning effects of resistance training are something like 30 or 40% higher if a person works at least 1 upper and lower body muscle group in the same session; as in, people who worked 1 upper body muscle and 1 lower body muscle were found to have a metabolic rate 30-40% higher the next day than those who just did an upper body muscle; all assuming similar levels of exertion, dietary intake, age, other control factors. Thing I love about fitness is a lot of it's common sense - makes perfect sense if you think about this. If you've got muscles all over the body that are burning, demanding nutrients from the bloodstream, then you can imagine that your overall metabolic rate's going to be higher.

Had a great workout today - finished up finals and papers and things so I really had all evening to just push and enjoy and relax, I love that feeling. I didn't even nail down muscle groups, I just did it all - biceps, chest, shoulders, abs, quads, snatch & press and 60m on the elliptical. New leg press max of 510! I was pumped about that. And snatched & pressed 100 lbs, barely. Came the closest to losing a weight as I ever have I think. Didn't mention a few other maxes recently - DB Flies with 60's yesterday, incline bench at 160 (my incline's always weak), and a decline bench of 230 a few days ago, that was awesome. Had a spotter, tho. Managed 200 today on my own. I only recently started doing deadlift - did 210 a few nights ago and 230 tonight and it was very hard, I think I will make very slow gains on that front. It's strange my musculature must've changed quite a bit since HS - I'm 26, but 10 years ago I could barely bench 120/130 (bodyweight), yet I could squat 275 and deadlift damn near 300. These days the upper/lower body strength thing has totally reversed on me.

Got some new weight gloves too - with the built in wrist straps, bout $26 on Amazon. They're nice but they're very hot and very tight. I got mediums bc my Harbinger gloves were Medium but I think I should've gotten a large, and I do NOT have very big hands.
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