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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

Just about to finish the book and have enjoyed it. I understand why all the DS9 continuation fans are upset, there is a lot of stuff mentioned or teased in the book thta hasn't happened yet but that didn't bother me that it just got mentioned. As for Ben leaving Kas and Rebecca...I'm not understanding the controversy here. This meshes with Sisko's character completely. He mentions the "walking the path alone" and that he would face great sorrow had he married Kas. Leaving his wife and child behind in order to try and fulfill the Prophets wishes is completely within his character. Maybe that's something that the actor, Avery Brooks would be against, but it fits the character and I have no problem with it. I felt for Ben and the weight he has on his shoulders. Perhaps if Kas was more understanding about his spiritual role he could have explained his reasons to her and she would be accepting of them but Kas was never understanding of that part of his life. Maybe on a rudimentary level at best.

The Romulan stuff and the Spock plot was great. Saddened by the loss of Donatra, found she was an interesting character and the books did a lot to flesh out from what he saw of her in "Nemesis". The political situation now in the Empire is interesting. Will be fascinating to see where this goes now.
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