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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Ok, not much said here in a few days, so let me ask...

What would you say is the minimum crew needed for a production? Over the life of this thread I've seen grips, best boys, ADs, prop masters, script editors, etc. etc. This is great, but what if you can't round up all those people (or feed them, or even get them all into the set space)? What roles can be combined? What roles can be dropped altogether if need be?

I'm gearing up for production of the 1st episode of New Gods in a few days. Right now I have 4 people in front of the camera and 5 people behind:

4 Actors
2 (me and a colleague) handling directing, sound, lights, props, script editing, etc... pretty much everything
1 makeup artist (actors are doing their own hair, and costumes come from eBay)
2 others who are mostly spectators, but may also do some production photos and behind the scenes video

What am I missing? Thanks for the advice!
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