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Whatever happens, I think it's unlikely that if Legion was lost that the Geth will simply send a new custom mobile platform to join the crew.
You're thinking in terms of character motivation and verisimilitude, which is fine. I'm thinking in practical terms: whether Legion was killed or not, he can be brought back to Shepard's team with just one or two lines of dialogue.
Sure, it's not like with Wrex where they have to make up a stand-in character. Because it's a synthetically generated voice anyway they can just use the same voice actor, with a few alternate lines. How much of an impact that may or may not have depends of course on how big a role he and the Geth in general will play. Personally I think it's more likely he'll be in a similar role as Wrex was in ME2, little more than a cameo as Shep's main go-between.
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This is two weeks old, but I didn't see it until last night and found it interesting. It's a series of video interviews that Game Informer did about Mass Effect in general as well as some info on ME3. I'm really excited about Casey Hudson's claim that the game will have climaxes for as many plots as they can fit, not just the Reaper story.
Interesting stuff. I like how they're continuing to improve on the sound design. The weapon sfx in ME2 were already an massive improvement over the originals'. I may be alone in this but I though the ME1 gunfire sounded oddly flat, muffled and a bit on the quiet side. The sharper reports much better I think and the new dynamic environmental tweaking sounds like it could really enhance the feeling of being in an open or enclosed space.

Also nice to hear that they're working on what quarrians actually look like inside those suits. Personally I'm not sure if I want to see them; there's something to be said for maintaining the mystique. Sort of the old "something terrible scratching at the door" effect. So long as you don't see it, the monster behind the door can be anything, but once you open it and see a 6ft cockroach then they mystery is gone and it least it wasn't a 9ft cockroach. No matter what design they come up with for Tali's face, it's never going to meet everyone's expectations or collective imaginations.
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