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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

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Then don't buy it.
Do we have confirmation that TNG-R is even happening?

From what I've heard this will be a real mess compared to TOS-R.

The finished eps are on video which lacks the resolution of film. Who knows where are the original bits of film are housed. Suppose you are missing 10 minutes of film from an episode. What do you do?
Legend has it that the original film elements were stored properly, but then again that might mean Rick Berman's attic.
In my fantasy, we get to go back, clean up the film, and completely re-edit and post-process everything in 16:9 1080p, even if it's just a collection of episodes rather than the whole series. BoBW turned into a full theatrical film essentially.
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