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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

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Doesn't it stand to reason if the suit and elevator failed, that the creature did not turn out as planned or expected?? Cause enough to "fix" the problems with modern FX. They didn't have time or the means to create a new creature.
But you're making a change purely for the sake of change. Armus worked quite well in 1988 and continues to look acceptable in 2011 on my 40" 1080p set.

I don't want them "fixing" TNG.
Then don't buy it.
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19. Heart of Glory: Vorcha cruiser instead of the old K'Tinga. What a disappointment that was.

22. SKin of Evil: That awful, awful Armus creature. ugh
If they screw around with either of these they can cross me off the list of potential buyers. The point is to make it acceptable to view on a 1080p display not to reinvent the wheel.
I believe that's what I already said.
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