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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

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With TNG-R, that necessity goes away. I'm sure the scriptwriter for "The Naked Now" didn't envision the Tsiolkovsky specifically as a 75 year-old Grissom-type ship. He/she probably could have cared less what type of ship it was. So why reshoot the scene with a CGI Oberth when you now have the chance to be really creative and come up with new designs?

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By all accounts the producers hated the Metamucil creature. I think one of the first things they'd sign up to change would be the Armus mechanical effect...which apparently never worked correctly.
My point isn't whether anyone hated it or not. The point is that if it's not a VFX effect that needs to be changed (or something that clearly did not work in its original format, which despite the mechanical problem you mentioned, didn't seem to have a problem in the final broadcast), why would they waste valuable time changing it if it wasn't really necessary for an HD broadcast?
Doesn't it stand to reason if the suit and elevator failed, that the creature did not turn out as planned or expected?? Cause enough to "fix" the problems with modern FX. They didn't have time or the means to create a new creature.

BTW I'd like to make a correction, Andy Probert created the original concept design which I like much better and is easily within the realm of CGI today.
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