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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

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I agree with that in many cases, although I am on the "more ship shots" bus. It would be so nice to see the D and other ships in unique shots for every episode.

I think there must be a common thread of model builders here - people who respect the original FX of any series and the dinosaurian art of model building for film.
Exactly. When TNG premiered, the VFX department didn't re-use all those movie models like the Reliant, Grissom, Excelsior, BoP, K'Tinga (actually re-used footage, not re-use of the model), etc. because they wanted to. They had to re-use them out of necessity, as the producers of the show didn't want to spend more money on new ship models if the show ended up getting cancelled after the first season.

With TNG-R, that necessity goes away. I'm sure the scriptwriter for "The Naked Now" didn't envision the Tsiolkovsky specifically as a 75 year-old Grissom-type ship. He/she probably could have cared less what type of ship it was. So why reshoot the scene with a CGI Oberth when you now have the chance to be really creative and come up with new designs?
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