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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

12. Datalore: Recreate that wonderful shot of the starscape in the Obviously a whole new cgi entity will be made. I like the amorphous design from "Datalore" rather than the more distinct one from "Silicon Avatar".

16. When the Bough Breaks: Nothing major, but again I dislike the overused shot of the E-D in orbit facingthe planet, its not a good angle for the E-D.

18. Coming of Age: New orbital shots of the shuttle

19. Heart of Glory: Vorcha cruiser instead of the old K'Tinga. What a disappointment that was.

20. Arsenal of Freedom: Don't mind the design of the robot, but the planet surface could use some work.The sky was far too unrealistic.

22. SKin of Evil: That awful, awful Armus creature. ugh

24. Conspiracy: The stop motion is ok, but its not up to par with FX like Species 8472, and stuff we've seen in ST since. Alien looking aliens are something ST can do better.

25. Neutral Zone: I don't feel the Warbird was given movie scale detail. This is unfortunate, because the design is awesome. The Valdore was designed from scratch with movie detail.
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