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Re: What new FX/editing do you want to see in the STNG-R?

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I wish they'd redo all the spaceship exterior shots using the original film elements instead of going CGI. Models provide the shots with a certain gravity and scale that just wasn't there with the TOS-R all-CGI Enterprise. However, I am 99.9% sure that this will remain wishful thinking.

So, I guess my wish is that they leave the shots the way they are, just make them better looking. Some things that definitely need to be redone are:

- A few more fly-by perspectives of the Enterprise.

- More realistic planets.

- Replacing the Excelsior-class ship with different vessels in that oft-repeated fly-alongside shot.

- New beam-in shots of planet surfaces. Should give the illusion that the surface of Vagra II (Skin of Evil) is no soundstage.

- New planetary establishing shots. They repeated the Angel One cityscape far too often (later even in DS9 and Voyager.)

I honestly feel that some CGI work when hastily done on movies or TV can be of irregular quality.... however there are examples in the 90s and many in the 2000s where the CGI work is fully up to reality. The spacecraft designs I've seen lately in movies look better, more solid and more realistic than ever to me. I think ST09 effortlessly made CGI look like real live models but with all the improvements that allow movement on a scale not achievable with motion control.

I know I may be in the slight minority here, but the Gabriel Koerner model is my favorite of all the Enterprise models real or CGI, even if its imperfect. I think it bodes well for any remastering project if they give it a few corrections and tweaks.
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