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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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People keep repeating this erroneous info. Others have tried to correct it, and now I'll try. It's probably futile...

The effects were shot on 35mm film, too.

It's the compositing, editing, and the beams, lights, etc. that were done at SD resolution on video.

So, all the shots of ships, etc. were done on film.

Yes... so that compositing needs recreating does it not? New beams will need adding. They aren't going to do that to match the orignals and create CGI new alternatives. There's even the odd CG effect like the SIlicon Entity

Recomposting is still recreating.. .even if it uses the same elements.
I wanted to see more CGI early on in STNG, but upon reflection near the end of the series in 1994, I thought they did the right thing. Babylon 5 attempted to all-CGI, and the results didn't work well, though the attempt itself was revolutionary (someone had to do it first). STNG used CGI where they thought it seemed fit, a lot of the CGI of the time was not up to the task week in, week out of looking realistic.
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